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no room for hipsters

the occupation of Ashley and Levon

This will be the 499th post of our blog, and the final chapter of the site.  We’re moving away soon, to our very own self hosted page. It will still be, but it won’t redirect to wordpress.  If you have us bookmarked, make sure you haven’t saved the “.wordpress.”

Our site may be down for a few days, and we’re headed to KY for the weekend to celebrate my mom’s birthday tomorrow and an early father’s day.

Lets say that Tuesday will be our official launch: post number 1 and 500!  We board a Greyhound for Chicago at 7pm and we’ll hit the publish button on the way out the door.

The new site will have all the room for hipsters you can handle.

suggested listening: Greyhound Song, from New York City Spanks Levon Walker

Your readership is encouragement to us and we thank you.  499 posts is a lot of said words.  Our friends and word of mouth (plus a few google searches on “Fellini Krogers” and ironic uses of the word “hipster”) is what pushes this little team of two.  Sincerely, we thank you.  For the 51,179 hipster inquiries since we’ve begun.

And so, I leave you until Tuesday.  Our newly devised site will skinny up your jeans and maybe even sell bicycles.  For obscurity sake, always remember it was originally at wordpress.  And whenever you come to a fork in the road, and that day will surely come, remember to make the ironic choice.

I heart you and Ashley does too,


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