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no room for hipsters

the occupation of Ashley and Levon

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Hope of the Seen and Unseen (Summer 2011)

Not Sure how I’ll Eat But I’m not Picking Peaches 2010  (Lyrics)

New York City Spanks Levon Walker 2009  (Lyrics)

No Room for Hipsters 2008 (Lyrics)

the complete recordings are available here in the order of release.  free downloads of selected songs.  thanks for listening.

not sure how i’ll eat but i’m not picking your peaches   2010

Not Sure how I’ll Eat but I’m not Picking Peaches 2010

Listening note: this project was recorded throughout a nomadic walkabout lasting from July 2009 to June 2010 taking place from Virginia Beach, VA to Southern Mexico and back to Tennessee.  It was tracked primarily in basements with a laptop mic and mixed in Garageband with instruments found or borrowed along the way.  The album art is a painting on woodblock by Ashley Addair and the EP is only available here by digital release.

(Liner Notes and Lyrics pdf).

1. Clothes out in the Rain 

2. Wrong as the Right 

3. She Won’t Let Them 

4. Questions 

5. Knoxy Salsa 

6. Uncle Pete’s Clock 

7. D.C. al Fine 

8. Pluralists 

Videos from Not Sure How I’ll eat but I’m not Picking Your Peaches

Clothes out in the Rain

Wrong as the Right

Uncle Pete’s Clock (Mexican version)

Uncle Pete’s Clock (Mason Jar version)  

D.C. al Fine  


Pluralists (short)

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Clothes out in the Rain

Uncle Pete’s Clock

new york city spanks levon walker  2009

New York City Spanks Levon Walker 2009

Levon’s attempt to describe a good lesson learned, in a multi-instrument, homemade oddity of sound contemplating country roots with funky keyboards, and sampled Harlem street sounds under slide guitars.

Listening note: this project was written and recorded during a short excursion intended to be a year in NYC.  It was tracked in a Harlem apartment and a Virginia farmhouse basement with a laptop microphone, later mixed in Garageband and released unmastered.  All instruments and vocals are Levon Walker.  Album art by Dustin Addair.

Liner Notes and Lyricspdf

1. I Heart New York

2. 5th Ave Harlem Intro

3. 5th Ave Harlem USA

4. Greyhound Song

5. before Share

6. Share

7. Take Two

8. Riverqueen

9. I Heart New York (Apartment Version)

videos from New York City Spanks Levon Walker

5th Ave Harlem

Greyhound Song


Share (dance version)  

Take Two


Riverqueen (with commentary from Dale)

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Take Two

no room for hipsters 2008

No Room for Hipsters 2008

Accompany Levon’s quirky piano ballads of spasmodic poetry into a world peopled by neckties, young lovers, and culture spitting robots.

Production Note: This project was recorded during one session at Nightsong Studio in Knoxville, TN.  It was originally distributed in handmade packaging during Levon and Ashley’s attempt to live in New York City during the spring of 2009.  The inspiration of the title track became the motivation for the blog  Album art by Dustin Addair.

NRFH liner notes and lyrics

1. No Room for Hipsters

2. Never Right 

3. Stand up for Me

4. Slant Rhymed Couplet 

5. Losing Me

6. Tired Language

Side B

1. Life Experience 

2. What about the Time 

3. Mark Your Words 

4. Questions 

5. D.C. al fine 

6. Early Days (recorded at home)  

Tired Language

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No Room for Hipsters

Tired Language

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