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the occupation of Ashley and Levon

Edwin, the good doctor, let me tag along to El Bosque yesterday.  He is the doctor of a clinic where he either lives during the week or makes a two hour commute by combi bus (van taxi) first from Tuxtla to Bochil, and Bochil to El Bosque.  El Bosque means “the Forest,” a simple title because one, that’s where it is, and two, the people there don’t speak Spanish.  Indigenous to these mountains, they are Tzotzil, the same people who have the artisan markets nearby in San Cristobal and who form the EZLN.

Edwin sees twenty patients a day with illnesses ranging from tuberculosis to epilepsy.  And sadly, in a place with unreliable water and electricity, or even the delivery of medicine, there is always a hot Pepsi to be had.  Hypertension and diabetes is the result of free furniture and a wonder cure for pain, fatigue and thirst (guaranteed parasite free).


I have a larger story to tell about what happened yesterday but no time.  Today is our last day in Mexico and we must be off to make firm memories to last until we can return.  Cafe Avenida for me, some real coffee with old men in Guayaberas.

Upcoming posts: Living in Mexico with Mexicans, a mini video about El Bosque, a Vigilante story, traveling with Las Gringas (the seven American girls who came for Jessica’s wedding and their impact on the atmosphere surrounding them), Salsa and Bachata class: one year later, a situation involving Ashley which led me to believe she may be the biggest bad ass I’ve ever known or even heard of despite her stature and demeanor, and how I dropped my wallet in a combi and realized it after getting a taxi so I jumped out to chase down the combi and bust in the side door to find it in the back seat.  (My guardian angel enjoys a good drill).  I may not get to all of these topics.

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