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I think it’s time for another installment of curious google search engine terms that led the helpless to our den.  Most common, “fellini kroger.”  We are the leading source for such news, I’m led to guess.


“does Suttree die?”

“uncle peter clock sound”

“stop sign cake”

“is harlem the new hipsterville?”

“lichen beetles”

“hipsters in jelly jars”

“what does mexico put in hamburguesas?”

“bill evans scuba”

“girdle discipline”

“my photos turn out bad”

“صور سيارات ايسوزو روديو”

“organic gobstoppers”

“waffle house all the way hashbrowns means?”

“emergency exit hipster shoes”

“i am embarrassed of hipsters”

“someone should bring back the googlie spring eye glasses look. hipsters, i’m looking at you.”

“is neptune a hispter planet”

“celebrate in mexico mango mango”

“if your grandma had balls”

“pictures of varmints”

Thats fun.  No matter if you meant to, we’re glad you came by.




Just wanted to show some progress to get a little affirmation.  Ashley has already forgotten me.  She wants shelves in her studio, screen doors, flooring, and the bathrooms painted too.  I’m a week away from finished and this project is already last year.

We’re pretty excited about the Chinese New Year Party later tonight in the neighborhood, following a Shape Note Singing documentary some friends are showing.

Fifty degrees and Sunny in Knoxville.

Best recent google search engine terms which led people to our blog: “army mexican girls”  “how long will it take me to get to pocahontas correctional center west virginia from virginia beach virginia” “are c.c. and j.n. dating?” “bill evans scuba”  “marriage is for hipsters”  “forgot to pee”

Gotta go now, can’t leave my wet edge.

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