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the occupation of Ashley and Levon

Ashley and I teamed up this last weekend and over the last couple months to help with a fanciful wedding in the new garden of David and Travetta Johnson, over in the nearby Park Ridge historic neighborhood.  Their daughter, Amelia was wed to Joshua and they have now run away like newlyweds will do.  I’d like to tell you about the event.  As far as weddings go, I’d say it was a dandy.

Travetta’s blueprint

The framework, the garden that is, was installed by chief landscape architect Mitch Stewart, owner of Terra Landscapes.  Mitch is one the best there is, I worked for him last year and witnessed his repeated excellence.  Lindsay Winters was the wedding director, and she went as far to learn music theory to cue bridesmaids on a C#m.  My darling Ashley was the wedding designer, making hand sewn programs, banners, lights, and a painting to match.

I was asked to assemble a band, and we’re now booked up for the rest of the summer.  No, but they are great musicians and were willing to meet several times to pull it off fantastically.

Neighborhood wildflowers and a special portrait of Amelia and Josh were done by Knoxville Artist, Leann Cooper.

All Souls Church Pastor Doug Banister married the pair under two plum trees.  Each tree was dressed up in mason jar tea lights and fabrics, with framed family portraits held in the branches.  Two family trees.

I get nervous playing at weddings.  Anytime I think I’m going to be nervous, I wear my special socks that Dustin got me.

And that was irrelevant.

I know I’ve left out names of people who worked hard on this wedding.  Actually, most of our friends spent long workdays to get it together.   What better way than a wedding celebration to begin the dream of Park Ridge’s new home for the arts, the barn behind David and Travetta’s house.

The rest of the night went like this:  a jazz band in the barn with Joshua and Amelia swing dancing like pros.  A tail gate full of sweets (cake + 14 pie baking friends).  Lots of food. I’d like to thank photographer Adam Brimer for his patience in telling me what camera settings to pick.  Like for these golden highlights:

And how to “ghost” things.  This is Lindsay, who was in charge:

Adam and I eventually found ourselves in a duel.  I said, “Let me see where you shot me.”  He won, hands down.  You’ll have to go check out his work to see how bad of a draw he is.

If you want dancing at your party, invite Sandy Greek.  Even if you don’t know her.

Sister of the bride, Betsy is another photographer that I bother.  I tried to be considerate that her sister was getting married.  Betsy shot some photos for our  winter Good Packaging issue.

And then Amelia and Josh were off.

To happily ever after.

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