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no room for hipsters

the occupation of Ashley and Levon

It’s Saturday, and the to-do list is enough for a few Saturdays.

1. screen doors:  the first cucumber beetle of the year is trapped under a coffee mug at the end of the bed (guess who does that).

2. keep working on the garden beds

This will be the big bed, there’s two raised boxes off to the side and a lettuce bed under the dogwood.

3. my brother gave me a 60 gallon drum for a rain barrel last year but I don’t have gutters.  Gotta do that.

“subvert the dominant paradigm and harvest the rain”     -Dan Borba

4. get rid of the beetle.  They are not welcome this year.

In some societies, the first three rows of corn in a field alongside the road was fair game for beggars.  That was the welfare system; a little unfairly distributed no doubt.  You can take my tomatoes, but please respect a cantaloupe.

5. mow

6. build a permanent clothesline

7. plant a wildflower patch

8. take down christmas lights.  how embarrassing

9. hide the compost bed

Come out to Preservation Pub tonight at 6PM.  I’m playing for free.  Selling CDs on the cheap.  Ashley and Circle Modern Dance are dancing on the square around the same time.  It’s the Rossini Festival this weekend, an Italian Street Fair.

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