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no room for hipsters

the occupation of Ashley and Levon

Lets all be pluralists and turn off the TV

we’ll seek the common good, embrace diversity

there’s more than one way to see, there’s mine and yours

through the eyes of me

Lets all be moderate and make a bubble bath

we’ll keep it cool enough that nobody gets mad

and keep your hands where I can see em

don’t touch my freedom

Let’s be conservative and have a casserol

by default it is a dish we all should know

I didn’t change it and you can’t blame me

it was always the recipe

Lets all be liberal and hope it goes away

we’re all intelligent enough to work and play

use your mental faculties

and make the check out to me

Lets be libertarian and get out of the way

your dog pooped in my yard but thats for you to say

I’d like for you to come and clean it

or say you’re sorry and mean it

Lets all stand in the middle and try to find the center

we’ll call it middleism and anyone can enter

look to the right and left twice and cross the street

you’re on the other side and that’s all that it means

did you go somewhere?

words and music by Levon Walker

written: Dec 2009 VA Beach, VA

recorded: June 2010 Grandmother’s Hill Tazewell, VA

filmed: April 2011 Knoxville, TN


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