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no room for hipsters

the occupation of Ashley and Levon

Around 4 o’clock today, we are going on parade.  The route will be Armstrong to Glenwood, Glenwood to Broadway, and Broadway to The Black Market in Knoxville Market Square.  Honk if you see us.  Throw candy.

We haven’t notified the city, but Ashley, as the member of the force (a crossing guard for Bel Morris Elementary) will be ensuring safety.   I am parade commander.

We are marching with paintings, like leafcutter ants, to this month’s exhibit at The Black Market.  I’ll be carrying this one:

if your grandma had balls she'd be your grandad


It’s five feet tall and four feet wide.  So is this one:


you are what you eat. so be nice to plants and bees and (therefore) your own self


And Ashley will carry it.

Then we’ll come back for smaller works and a guitar.  The parade commander will be providing live entertainment for tonight’s opening.


I know there are people who would love to lend us a van or a truck.  However, we insist on an art parade, in the spirit of April, sunshine, and pomp.

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