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no room for hipsters

the occupation of Ashley and Levon

(by Levon who is listening to silence)

Here at the No Room for Hipsters headquarters in our very own Mason Jar, Ashley and I are deep in the financial records and trying to make some sense out of what has happened.  Multiple states, several addresses, nine accounts at five banks, earned income in other countries, working from home, a house that was rented half of the year; it’s not simple and we won’t be filling out an EZ form.  It has required a week of unmentionable scrutiny to unsort the scramble.

The lesson: get organized and get serious.  Journal entries, reports, and schedules that I didn’t start or didn’t maintain; why didn’t I? I was a finance guy, I knew this would happen.  Here’s some truth: I wasn’t setting myself up to be in business, I was just wishing.

We are getting organized here at the headquarters today.  There will be goal setting and conferencing.  Songwriting by the spreadsheet.  Let the winds of inspiration blow and ye shall catch them; and ye better know something about skippering.

I found a military file cabinet that we could both fit in and can’t lift.  It’s sitting in the middle of the room like a monument to the future.  The future of no more scrambling or wishing.  We are aging hipsters and we have learned some things.



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