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no room for hipsters

the occupation of Ashley and Levon

[ from a. addair who is listening to Ben Harper and the Blind Boys of Alabama (There Will Be a Light) ]

something should wear this crown. acrylic and charcoal on canvas

A few months ago I heard about a man (Slobodchikoff) who was trying to understand what prairie dogs are talking about as they chirp to one another from their burrow holes.  The study recorded prairie dog calls as hawks, humans, and dogs passed through a village.  The sound clips were then taken to a lab and analyzed, Slobodchikoff and his students found that the frequencies were different in each of the calls.

just trying to figure somethin' out here

Here’s an excerpt from an NPR article about the study:

“He found, to his delight, that the calls broke down into groups based on the color of the volunteer’s shirt. ‘I was astounded,’says Slobodchikoff. But what astounded him even more, was that further analysis revealed that the calls also clustered based on other characteristics, like the height of the human. ‘Essentially they were saying, ‘Here comes the tall human in the blue,’ versus, ‘Here comes the short human in the yellow,’ ‘says Slobodchikoff.”                         –Produced by Radiolab’s Soren Wheeler and NPR’s Jessica Goldstein and Maggie Starbard

it's better not to rush

The different realities that can exist in shared place and time makes me feel wobbly and wide-eyed.  Grateful and bewildered.  Our way is not the only way.

There is more, thank goodness.


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