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no room for hipsters

the occupation of Ashley and Levon

[ from a. addair who is listening to Joan Osborne (Relish) ]

It has been two years since I last stood here.

The time between then and now has been largely about relaxing into the provision that is already provided.

The opportunity to make these paintings has been no exception.

With this work, I am acknowledging my interdependence and tangled connectedness to you,

my community.

I am recognizing the cycles that create balance

but not stability.


painting for All Souls Chapel (1 of 3). at 4 Market Square



I am realizing the impact of small everyday decisions

on people who I may never meet

and on the environment that I am so graciously allowed to inhabit.

I am admitting that I cannot thrive independently and am seeking to live (and make art) in alignment with the cycles and flows that are beyond my futile understanding.

My hope is that these paintings tell this story which is our story

spoken in the language of “we”.

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