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no room for hipsters

the occupation of Ashley and Levon


(by Levon who is listening to Tyler James, “It took the fire”)

My heart is full.  From the bitterest loss to the strongest bond of togetherness, my heart is just full, and of what I don’t know.

We miss someone and there is a void.  For moments, the same longing can make a houseful of people feel alone.  Then again, sharing a burden of sadness across so many hearts reminds me that life is beautiful and we all matter so much.  We have a capacity for sorrow that is matched with love, and love is what we have in the end.

I’m hoping today for new beginnings.  There is reason for this hope because today is new, and yesterday reminds us how good it has been so far.

If my heart is full, then I know what it is.  A lot of things holding each other up.  It’s sorrow, and I’ll look to the hills for that.  It’s peace that I find in beauty.  It’s love.  It’s blankness, only when I forget all of this.

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