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no room for hipsters

the occupation of Ashley and Levon

Dana in her “chicken pants”

“I had people coming over that I didn’t know to see her because they heard I had such a pretty baby,” Bobbie Ann

Dana and Bobbie Ann

“We was running roads together before we could drive”  -Gwen

Dana and Gwen

“She was really good at flat footing or any kind of dancing”  -Caleb

Glen and Dana

Dana's track days (left)

Leslie, Brent, Ginger, Dana

“”All us girls wanted to be like her”  -Leslie


“We was as close as sisters”   -Shonna

Dana and a BOY! (Caleb)

“Mom would take Glen’s hippie van around town with her hair up in a baseball cap disguized as him so the police wouldnt recognize her (she had a restricted license)”   -Caleb

Dana and Leslie

“Dana was always taking us swimming at the creek or the pool.  She taught me how to dive and enjoy the summer sun”  -Ashley

Dustin, Ashley, Dana

Grandmother Hamilton, Leslie, Ginger, Dana, Grandmother Addair

“It always felt like we had just talked yesterday”  -Becky

Caleb, Casey, Dana

“I loved her sense of style.  When I went shopping I bought what Dana would like”   -Danielle

Five Generations

“She was funny”   -Madison

Dustin, Bobbie Ann, Shonna, Dana, Caleb, Shane, Ashley

Caleb, Casey, Dana

“Keep my head to the sky and no matter what comes my way ask God for answers and guidance”  -Caleb


“Dana, you will always do something for a free haircut”   -Liz


Dana and Caleb

“Mom would give an indian warrior cry to get me to come home from playing in the neighborhood”  -Caleb

Dana and Caleb

“She was always writing in her journal”   -Russ

Dana and Eric

“Those grandbabies were her life”  -Leslie

Cadence, Chase and Dana

Dana, Chris, Chris's Mother

Dana and Lyric

Praise and lift the Lord’s name on high always”  -Dana

“Still Smiling”  -Dana

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