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no room for hipsters

the occupation of Ashley and Levon

passing-down and looping back


“Passing down and looping back” is about family lineage.

“People are interconnected, by genes and traits, and we form holes with our individual parts.. that process is interesting because we are often made in one place and given context in another.”




We went to a baby shower last weekend and you know what that means, a very serious conversation for the car ride home.  I wrote a song about home and shelter; Ashley is painting in baby blue; oh my gosh.




We don’t have any news, don’t worry.





But in other news, our neighborhood Food For All got a spot in the paper.  Food For All is when a few families cook for each other, two couples per night which means you only cook once a week and eat good every night. Best, you get to see your community everyday and be welcome to hang, or rightfully grab your grub and get out.  It makes, in the words of my friend Greg, “way too much freakin sense”


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