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no room for hipsters

the occupation of Ashley and Levon

Just some thoughts and memories, as told by close friends and family members.

Eddie was a big joker.  If you’d get a broke leg and we’d get a laugh, well you might just get a broke leg.  But he didn’t mean any harm.  Eddie was fun, and that was his way.

Eddie and his monkey

Eddie and Bobby Rowe wanted to borrow a car because they needed to go somewhere.  No one would let them, so they intended to hitchhike to Bradshaw.  Well, the ride went to Iager where they hopped a bus to Washington D.C.  It was their way of getting jobs to earn a car.  They pooled their money and had $13 to get started on.

On the bus, the driver was pulled over for speeding and the cops came on board to inspect.  Eddie and Bobbie ducked in the seat because they were scared they were getting busted as runaways.  They were 16 and 17.

In two days they both had jobs, so they called home and said not to worry.  They stayed over a year.

Eddie and Bobby Rowe

Eddie liked cars.  The story goes, he once got in an argument with Bobby Baker about who was the better driver and even lent Bobby his sister’s new car to have something to race.  Bobby took off in Bobby Anne’s 66 Buick Skylark with Eddie running him down in Tommy Addair’s 55 Buick Roadmaster.  A 61 Chevy convertible came around the corner.  Eddie let Bobby go, but the Chevy went off in the ditch and into a telephone pole.

When Eddie was driving, he’d give anybody a ride.  He once picked up a friend and told him to jump in the back electric window of his new Ford Bronco.  His friend got halfway in and Eddie rolled him up in the window and took off, 60 mph.

Eddie said, “I don’t know why, but he never would ride with me anymore.”

Another time he wanted to play a joke on Dough Belly Alan who was trying to hitch a ride.  He brushed up close to him and thought Alan would jump out of the way.  But Alan didn’t jump.  Eddie knocked him off the road and into the creek.  He stopped to make sure he was all right and he was.  So Eddie took him home and laid him on the porch.

Somehow Eddie got hold of several police uniforms.  He led a bunch of friends to raid Roger Graham’s nightclub in Bradshaw.  They pulled their hats down low so that no one would knew who they were.  People said there was everything flying through the air with people running out the doors and jumping through windows.  Eddie led his raid up Bradshaw mountain and set up a roadblock.  They were inspecting driver’s licenses and searching cars.

Even if the law had found out, Eddie wouldn’t have been afraid.  He’d stir up a chase just for fun and eventually got the electric window of his Bronco shot out.  One of his favorite things to do was stir up the law in a borrowed sports car and have them run him across the state line.  He’d hide the car up in a hollow and walk out to meet his getaway ride.  They say you could hear the tires squawlin’ for ten minutes before and after Eddie came barreling through the mountains, often with the city boys chasing the West Virginia State Police.

A story goes that a Deputy Sheriff pulled Eddie and Isam Bailey over once.  Eddie said, “Don’t roll down the window.”

The officer came around the passenger side to Isam and said, “Roll down the window, I want to talk to you.”

Isam said, “I can hear you just fine.”

“Well then crack it just a little.“

Isam looked over at Eddie and said, “What do I do?”

Eddie, said, “Nunh uh.”

Isam looked at the officer and said, “Eddie said nunh uh.”

The officer didn’t know what to do and let them go.

Eddie loved his mules.  It’s said that he was taking his wagon up HW460 at 2:00AM and decided he needed a cup of coffee.  When he got to Bluefield, he led his wagon right through the Hardees drive thru window.

His friends would come to see him to go coon hunting.  Eddie would say, “Get in the fridge and make you anything you want to eat.”

This particular time, he had one piece of cheese and nothing else in the house.  When they had to leave the next day, he said, “Come on, stay.  You come up here and eat up my groceries and then you leave.”

If Eddie took you coon hunting, you’d learn a lot about chasing dogs.  If you would volunteer to get the dogs, he’d stay and watch the truck.  Jerald said you’d better take plenty of food.

Eddie was a man who loved his friends, family, and his animals.  He had a way to make people laugh and you knew he loved you because he wanted you to smile.


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