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no room for hipsters

the occupation of Ashley and Levon

(by Levon who is listening to Carlos Baute “Quien te quiere como yo”)

Good byes are tough and I don’t like them.  Sometimes I don’t say them, and I don’t mean to mean to be rude, I’m pretending we’ll bump into each other tomorrow.  Even if one of us is soon to be boarding a plane.  Ashley and I said a rough good bye yesterday to very special people.  Jessica and Edwin, thank you for inviting us to your beautiful wedding.  Diana and Amilkar, thank you for your hospitality.

Diana, we listened to the Salsa and Bachata mix you made all across North Carolina and decided to translate our favorite, “Obsession.”  Edwin, I’m going to begin working on our documentary for National Geographic tomorrow.

And to everyone from Kentucky who were given a chance to reunite, you’re always welcome in Knoxville.

Everybody at Interlink, sorry I didn’t say bye.  Thanks for letting me come out for a bit and share Kentucky grammar.

The best things about Mexico: the colors of walls, latin music, names of tortillerias, old volkswagons, rugged landscapes, datsun stationwagons, spanish bad words, micheladas, howler monkeys, sol beer chairs and street trees that drop mangos.



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