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the occupation of Ashley and Levon

[ from the both of us and we’re listening to Radiohead (Amnesiac) ]

Written for Jessica and Edwin’s wedding:

We are honored to be standing here with you on this day.  Our wish to you is that marriage will bring you joy, laughter, adventure, and gratitude, all of which are gifts you bring to us.

A marriage begins as a decision and will become the story of your decisions together, from this day forward.  You take this person today and commit to making their life your own and by doing so you share something together that is bigger than yourselves.

Decide to protect and nourish what you begin today.  Do not expect a version of each other that you want, but do commit to asking the best of one another.  Remember always that this is a process and that the difficulties are beautiful.  All of it is working toward a greater understanding of love.  Only remember to back up and give grace.  When you persist together, you grow in ways that happy days couldn’t have asked of you.

Love completely, even without complete understanding, because love is the source of joy and beauty, creativity and laughter.  Marriage allows us to experience this through sustained commitment over time.

Know that time will bring you success, failure, happiness, and sorrow.  Time will surprise you and though your union may evolve, you can rest in the promise that this friend, lover, and partner will share what time may bring for as long as you both shall live.

You have been given a best friend.  You will become one another’s story and understand them like an old friend.  As you grow and change you will become like new friends.  Remember that a good friend sticks close.  They look to see the good in you even when you are showing them less.

Be quick to remember that you cannot win or lose against each other.  Love sacrifices and love is authentic peace.  Love each other well and understand the best for them is the best for you.

Marriage allows us to glimpse into the mystery and beauty of unconditional love and connectedness.  Marriage teaches the language of “we,” which is beautiful in the smallness of home but also a refreshing acknowledgement of a broader interconnectedness within our communities and the earth.


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