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no room for hipsters

the occupation of Ashley and Levon

an old nickname, rhymes with booty

Ashley’s dad got some free drugs and his legs shaved today, then we all left and went to a basketball game.  The Johnson City Medical Center discovered black mold in the operating room and the open heart surgery was postponed.  Meanwhile the Addair family had settled in for a week.  Ashley was watching Twilight on the laptop with her cousin, kids were glued to videogames, I was playing the lobby piano for the elderly, and Pops was somewhere else getting into his party gown.

5:00 AM

Then at 9:30 they called it off.  Glen had already had his first round of juice when they pushed him back in a wheelchair, street clothed and grinning about where the nurse had half shaved his leg.  He slurred, “I think I’m gonna roll with this.”

4:30 AM surprise

Everyone passed the word down the calling tree to stop relatives driving from all over.  Many people were with us in thought and prayer.  The family that had already arrived was given a free day together, and felt almost serendipitous about the sterile, healing environment being invaded by spores.

If you’ve been following recently, you realize other implications of the delay.  Ashley and I are just two of the people stirring in the house this morning and it feels pretentious to start babbling about our circumstance, however it is the story that this blog has begun and the story that needs continuing. Obviously, a 1409 mile tour down to Mexico won’t repeat this evening.

We hope to fly next week.  If we drive to Charlotte, NC we can catch a plane to Mexico City and then bus to Chiapas.  The surgery is in two days, the wedding is in seven.

Black mold in a hospital operating room, people.  Nobody saw it coming.

Despite the seeming futility of making plans, I still believe we should use them.  It is good to have an index of whether or not things go accordingly to the laugh that is our human control.  Maybe human will is a better focal point, its what connects one plan to the next.

And when we get home next month, I will do what any dignified songwriter would do: book more coffee shops, oil my shovel, and lint roll my bistro apron.  In a different life I was once a credit manager, then a banker, later an investment representative, and finally a financial literacy instructor for the state of Tennessee.  That means we don’t have to be maxed, broke and feel ignorant about it.

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