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no room for hipsters

the occupation of Ashley and Levon

Today is a little blog housekeeping.  We leave for Mexico tomorrow, so we thought best to do some updates before we left.

Something you should know about Ashley and I is that we are technically unsavvy.  Ashley can match a color in acrylic paint to the tiniest shade discrepancy but she can’t send a text message.  My mom has to show me how to use her iPhone.  The fact that we have maintained a blog for two years is the result of patience from others.

You’ll notice today that there is a “play” button in the corner.  You now have the option to hear music, and that has taken me years.  Then, if you click “FREE MUSIC” above, all three EPs are there to hear and download for free, no redirecting from the page, no sign up or anything.  I always wanted to figure that out.  Another thing, if you right click any of Ashley’s PAINTINGS you can make them your wallpaper (that wasn’t a recent realization but still worth the reminder).  Music videos are organized with the recordings now, too.

Please take the music.  If you like it, share it.  I’d love your feedback so please comment.  Pay it forward.

cover art by Dustin Addair


Other updates: new (shorter) bios, updated links on the blogroll (left), a MASON JAR press write up, a GIGS and GALLERIES page that tells where you can find us in person.  As always, new artworks are listed at Ashley’s online gallery at  You can still subscribe to Good Packaging and get original artwork and unreleased song demos in your mailbox.

This blog is always a work in progress and we appreciate you coming by.  If you have comments or suggestions please let us know, our contact is above.



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