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no room for hipsters

the occupation of Ashley and Levon

Around two years have passed since this blog began, or really the tangents of Facebook notes which would lead your humble narrator to believe that a blog might be worthwhile, if only to himself.  Ashley and I were, in those days, feeling the indescribable itch to make it all stop.  And so, in such a state we stepped out, to be met abruptly by stiff failure and vaporous chaos which has now come to resemble a large sanding belt in the sky. It took more than to go, we had to remain.  It would be silly to sum up the days as uncomfortable, or to term them adventurous.  It has been nothing short of absolute transformation, beyond what a springtime in Manhattan could have begun to answer.


After two years I wouldn’t say that I’ve learned to live with peace in uncertainty.  I can find peace, but I won’t look for certainty.  Those who are most certain will retain the most fear.  Certainty of everything requires a hardy dependence on power and acceptance of inequities.  I’ve found that peace comes from spending time and effort where it best belongs, where it most needed for others, and where there is most call for hope.  I’ll abandon myself to a life of pure work that I’m proud of, even if my labor must go to the shovel or the waiter’s apron.  I can be sustained in an existence which gives me peace.  Or I can be certain of my helplessness.


Thank you for being our readers.  Anyone who takes their time to be concerned with ours is a dear friend and a reason to keep doing our work.


(Levon who is listening to The Last Shadow Puppets, “My Mistakes Were Made for You EP”)



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