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no room for hipsters

the occupation of Ashley and Levon

(by Levon who is listening to Brooklyn Rider “Jacobsen (C): Achille’s Heel – Second Bounce”)

Primitive Light has done some changing in me.  Our piece is entitled “Liminal Rite” which is an improvisational sequence of movement written to describe the threshold of transition in each dancer’s lives.  For me, I thought the biggest liminal threshold is would just be getting up there.  It hasn’t been the case.  Largely because the company of dancers is below the stage supporting each other as they have for the last few months, but also because the piece has let me into a few things.

One, it is important to give with each other.  A performer and an audience want the same thing which is to experience something unhindered and beautiful.  If there are mistakes let them be resolutely wrong; if there is grace let it linger with the time that it deserves.  As a music performer I have gotten into bad habits of concentrating on rehearsed technical delivery.   But because I have very little dance technique, I’ve had to look inside for anything I can find to give.  I’m trying to borrow the audiences anticipation to give them back the show they came to see.

Watching the other dancers has taught me all of this.  They have been gracious to overlook my short hamstrings and patient to encourage my progress.  If they laughed, I never saw it.  When we circle up backstage there is no denying that Circle Modern is a family.  Our motto is “Any body can dance.”  I challenge you.


Circle Modern Primitive Light 2010 is the 19th annual holiday modern dance performance held in Knoxville’s historic Laurel Theater.  The show closes tonight, at 7 and 9 pm.

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