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no room for hipsters

the occupation of Ashley and Levon

We get up really early because Ashley, as a social experiment, is a crossing guard and has to beat the kids.  I mean get there first in order to assist them.  She is highly qualified to work with children anyhow but now she does it as an employee of the Knoxville Police Department.  They made her a nametag on the second day and she mistakenly called it a badge.  “No it is not a badge, it is an identification card with a clip.”

“Do I need to wear it like a badge?”

“No you need to wear it like a clip.”

“Okay well thank you for the clipping identification card.”

It’s really cold today and at the moment we are trying to heat the house with wood.  Before Ashley gets back from duty I try and get a fire going and have the house warm so that we can use our fingers.  Today I’ve yet to be successful.  Not that I can’t build a fire, it’s that we live in the city.  I bummed my friend’s bonfire stash last week; today all I have are credit card offers and pieces of floor trim.

Having read Sutree recently I knew what to do: stroll around and scavenge.  A walk around the block and I found all I can burn from the overgrown lots behind the Fellini Kroger.  I made piles and notes to come back with the Corolla.  There aren’t a lot of boy scouts around here dragging trees down the streets for firewood.

Steps towards self-sustenance will be challenged by lack of preparation and learning curves.

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