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no room for hipsters

the occupation of Ashley and Levon

We just wanted to give an update of everything going on around the Mason Jar and with Ashley and I.    Ashley is having her art workshop tomorrow night, 6:00 PM and you can click the tab to see this month’s theme.  She’ll be at the Knoxville Farmers market this Saturday.  I’ll be busking there beside her with my guitar and an accordion.  For this month’s First Friday she opened at Kate Moore Creative and Jenny Andrews Photography, and the works are being currently displayed.  She is also working on a costume design for a Knoxville Symphony Orchestra upcoming children’s performance.

I’m going out to the songwriter night at Relix Variety Theatre tonight and will be playing at the S &W Grand tomorrow at 6:30.  Last Thursday at Sapphire was the first gig of my new three piece: Jon Augustus on bass and Webster Manneth on drums.  We’re looking forward to playing around Knoxville a lot more.  If you haven’t heard my third EP, Don’t Know How I’ll Eat but I’m Not Picking Your Peaches, you can listen to the whole project here and get some free downloads.

Next Saturday on the 16th will be our Mason Jar event this month: a craft night with stations for spontaneous projects.  Feel free to bring something in the works, we are sure the creative forces will be in the midst.

The Good Packaging Fall Edition will feature Emily Janowick as our collaborating artist and this week we will be celebrating soup, tea, cinnamon and the ideas for your package.  So order one now!

from last Saturday's "Home is where the Art is"


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