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no room for hipsters

the occupation of Ashley and Levon

Ashley and I fit a 10X8 tent, a couple wooden tables, an easel and a plastic crate full of crafts into the Corolla most Saturday mornings.  After that we shove paintings and wood blocks into the crevices before jumping in the car and trying not spill the first mug of coffee or slam a canvas in the door.  We’re always the last to arrive at the downtown farmers market and find our spot easily because it is the one without a tent.

Levon and Knox

I park the car and go home to make more coffee, because that is no way to enjoy the first, then grab my guitar and an accordion in today’s case before making the second trip to the market, in which could no way be consolidated into the Corolla load of the first.  Knox Janowick joined me today and we did a repertoire consisting mainly of Josh Ritter and Tom Waits with he on the ukelele.

I borrowed the accordion yesterday and I regard it as an instrument of it’s own, but if you can get used to pumping air and not seeing your hands on the tiny sideways keyboard the black and whites can be considered the same.  In a moment of boldness I went into “Rocket Man” and later wished I hadn’t.  We made about $8.47 and a box of grapes.  Knox bought his kids ice cream with his cut

Jaden, hipster child. (no room for baby hipsters either)

and I may invest mine this week in white acrylic paint.  Gotta keep Ashley happy.

Ashley stayed posted at the tent and I brought her buttered bread samples.  The salsa guy across the way was pretty good but next year I think I’m going to go for him.  I make mine with squash and it’s harder to get it spicy. When faced with a guy trying to sell you a $5 mason jar of salsa AND a $5 CD what are you going to say?  If it were me I’d feel the need to take both as to not insult the other.

By the way, I finished an EP yesterday.  Kinda excited to feel finished with something.  Click “hear Levon” above and have a listen.


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