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no room for hipsters

the occupation of Ashley and Levon

[ from a. addair who is listening to Cat Power (The Covers Record) ]

We’ve decided to extend our Good Packaging issues to include a series of blog posts on the theme.  For this first post, I want to share a few pictures and words that one of our subscribers shared with us (thank you, Melanie).  Photos and captions by Melanie Friedman.

Various little pieces was sent in a box - with a question - what is home to me!? This is my creation from the creative ideas sent: A home - a life that's open! Life open - opens their "purse" with experiences, thoughts and ideas to share.

A life giving home is like Christmas all year long! Hanging flag - Remember - love/home/life is music sounding off a voice to be heard and shared. Stump - be rooted into something that grows from one generation to another.

I spent my afternoon designing the flyer to be sent out for the upcoming Addair Kick-Ass Family Reunion.  As I worked, I thought about the ways that family contributes to a sense of home.

Families are messy affairs and, in this way, being in one gives us a real sense of our humanity.  That beautiful kindred muck gives us continual opportunities for awe, thankfulness, and contrition; for realizing and understanding the weight of existence.  Being around family often helps us to remember that we are both irreplaceably special and a mere apple in an extensive, historical tree.  They alleviate moments of swollen pride because they “remember you when”.  Families are home not because they are always comforting but because, to use Nietzche’s words, they “help us to become who we are“.


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