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no room for hipsters

the occupation of Ashley and Levon

[ from a. addair who is listening to Spoon (Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga) ]

Good Packaging subscribers received their boxes this week.  We’re going to continue the discussion with periodic blogs on the subject, so here is a little peep show of what they got, so you can be in on the conversation.

title sheet. fabric on tea-soaked paper.

summer 2010 letter:

dear Good Packaging subscriber,

Once again, we want to thank you for your subscription.

We present to you, with lots of love, the summer 2010 issue: HOME.  We decided on this theme, together, with our collaborator of the issue, Lindsay Winters.  Being interested  in the ways a rich community life fosters peace, Lindsay is intrigued by the concept of HOME: how it functions individually as well as corporately.

the HOME icon collaborative art object of the issue. (if you're interested in subscribing to Good Packaging click the link on the left-hand column of this page or visit

Our hope is that this issue gets you thinking about HOME (sometimes this is a tangible place, sometimes not).  Because a comception of HOME seems to be the point of reference for us humans, when we articulate our questions and understandings about where we center our lives (and why), we can go about the work and pursuit of our values with a sense of greater clarity, peace, and focus — making our shared HOME (Earth), a kind of HOME sweet HOME.

the packages. some components will be available for individual purchase at (click image to go).

We wanted this issue to open in layers, just as the geography of a place is discovered.  Here is a brief explanation of what you will find:

[HOME]     cover sheet

[a  question and space]     write on this.  get your thoughts out.

processing page.

[a collection of images]     continue processing the question through imagery.  pay attention to the images that resonate with you.  how do they align or conflict with your conception of HOME?

[HOME icon wall hanging]     the collaborative art object of the issue (good for shelf-sitting too).  rest the wire picture holder on the ledge of the HOME icon to display one of the provided images (or make your own on the blank canvas card or display an image you already have)

[music by Levon]

[science sketch on log cutting]  from a collection ashley created (and levon cut) upon returning to Knoxville, Tennessee (HOME, in a sense).  about aligning traditional cultural definitions of a place with personal and present experiences.

[a word after] questions, thoughts, and an invitation to join further discussion.

mi casa es su casa,

ashley addair and levon walker


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