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no room for hipsters

the occupation of Ashley and Levon

When two people consider entangling their lives together, they begin by asking questions.  While the questions get more serious, they begin to look like one big question.  Are we going to do this?  And if so, what are we going to do?

Ashley assists me on an odd job day

We are still asking, often adding expletives so that it’s more like, “What the blank are we going to do?”  On days of stronger adversity, the expletives may be stronger.  In effort to keep an exciting blog, we often leave the day-to-day leg-work undocumented.  Legwork like oddjobs, the bureaucratic mess of residing in three states and two countries, being a landlord, and all the job interviews that haven’t been going so well.

Ashley and I are asking a serious question about our work.  What does the business of art need to look like?  We can brand and hype ourselves, but this blog has been created to share.  For the year and a half since the existence of it, we’ve operated on the scale you can read about, with Starbuck’s salaries, odd jobs and pieced together coffee shop gigs and small art hangings.  Boldly adhering to creativity and resourcefulness is the high road attitude over scrambling in desperation and sulking in self entitlement.  Oh, there’s good days and bad ones.

This song “Questions” is an earlier song I wrote when Ashley and I hadn’t been married long.  I recorded it yesterday just to have it to post today, and I’ve been thinking about the questions we’ve been asking since then.  If we are to be artists, then we must use our work to carry a message.  We can only survive as well as we can expose ourselves to a market.  So we are asking, if we have inspired, interested, or even entertained, please share us with those you know.

Here are some easy ways we have thought of:

1. write in bathroom stalls

2. stencil Ashley’s artwork on prominent buildings

3. blast my music in your car and the office

4. ringtones.  I don’t know how, but ask a teenager

5. go to our Youtube channel, tap refresh, repeat

6. write Itunes reviews, leave fascinated comments, rude comments, then argue between them

7. recommend us on Facebook

Thank you for reading today.  It was a little self serving, I know, and that makes me bashful.   We appreciate everyone who encourages and supports what we are doing.

Now here’s the tune:



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