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no room for hipsters

the occupation of Ashley and Levon

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I mentioned there would be break up tunes on here this week.  Songs about broken hearts are an exercise of empathy for me, for fortunately I fell in love once when I was twenty and once was all it took.  Still, a songwriter has to write from the all angles of the heart and I try to be convincing.  This one is from some jibberish I wrote in a high school journal and later made into a ballad.  The chord voicings continually diminish and resolve to resonate between hopeful and betrayed.  Later I added a slow swirling organ and Jack Fretwell’s harmonica.  The vocals and piano a track from the 2008 Nightsong sessions that didn’t make the No Room for Hipsters EP.  Those songs were about marriage, a breakup number would have been confusing.

CD design by Dustin Addair

But for anyone who buys one of these this week on Itunes or orders it from the paypal store this week, I’ll mail you all other 5 on a separate CD.


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