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no room for hipsters

the occupation of Ashley and Levon

07 Life Experience mp3

This one dates back to about 2006 and was written during an insurance sales/ waiting tables/ banking transition that rattled me up.  It was for a musical I was writing that needs some work and rehearsals, but could otherwise be pulled off if I had to.  For anyone who frets over a difficult to explain resume, this song is for you.  It almost made the EP “No Room for Hipsters,” and was recorded at Nightsong Studios in Knoxville during the same sessions.  I did eleven songs there but decided that would be a long CD of solo piano and vocals.  I picked the six that felt like they could come across best without further instrumentation.  As for the others… come back for them this week, plus some really raw Mexico stuff and some break up tunes I wrote just for the exercise (because I never got the chance).

available on Itunes and at the "hear Levon" link above


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