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no room for hipsters

the occupation of Ashley and Levon

photo by Dustin Addair

The most recent mix of another one:


photo by Dustin Addair

Undoubtedly the track needs further mixing, some vocal touchups, and drums.  I’m sharing this one anyway today because the challenge for myself is to share the process of making recordings and writing songs.  This is the 3rd of 14 (previously unreleased) that these two weeks will feature.

This song began in Virginia Beach early one morning as I was having coffee and staring blankly at the coffee table which still carried the remnants of the night’s festivities before.  Like the strewn table, my mind was bewildered as to what I was supposed to do now that New York City had sent me on my way.

photo by Dustin Addair

I was far too busy in the final recording and mixing phase of “New York City Spanks Levon Walker” to finish any new songs at that moment.  With the late summer I became a landscaper, and by the end of the fall I had almost enough cash to send the CDs off for duplication.  By then we were living in a cheap motel, paying cash under the table by the week, and taking most of our meals at a nearby soup kitchen.  In a further state of bewilderment, I sat down and finished this song one day on my balcony of the motel overlooking the closed up pool.

photo by Dustin Addair

The song was later recorded on an old Conrad acoustic guitar that I discovered in a pawn shop on State St in Brisol, TN.  The Conrad is rickety and robust, with a neck that is true.  I traded a piano tuner for it from an old side career I never got running.  The song also has about 9 organ tracks with different drawbar settings and vibratos.  The bass is an overdriven wurlitzer.  A good friend Scott Lashinsky, of Vagrant Moon drove up from Richmond to meet me at Grace Acres and lay down the resonator guitar parts on the choruses and the end.

photo by Dustin Addair

“with the times on my side, didn’t know me at the time, on my way to my way then, needing somewhere that i’ve been…I’m not passin by or wasting time or always right, or afraid to try.”

Check back tomorrow for #4 of 14.


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