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the occupation of Ashley and Levon

the girl who hangs her clothes out in the rain718

Here’s a newer version of the song “The Girl who Hangs her Clothes out in the Rain.”  Maybe you heard it first when I recorded it in Mexico and we made the video which is linked below.  Once back in the states, I got my good friend Barrett Holloway to play the drums on it and then added some organ and wurlitzer sillyness to accompany the parrot that was in the yard singing with me on the track.

This song is one of about 17 that I’ve got a new project that’s nearly complete.  My other two EPs from earlier this year are available to listen to in their entirety at the “hear Levon” link above.  They are on Itunes or just find me or email me if you want to buy one.  Lastly, there are several more music videos if you’ve never seen them on the “video archive” page.  Thanks for listening.


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