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no room for hipsters

the occupation of Ashley and Levon

status of the mural as of 7/13/2010

Ashley and I would like to thank all of you who made our first Mason Jar event a success.  Especially the artists who performed: Ben Bannister, James Trimble, and Pajero Mugabonihera.  Also the musicians of the night, Jon Augustus and Webster Manneth.  And lastly to our Master of Ceremonies, the waggish and imaginative Buck Rutledge.

If this is the first mention of the Mason Jar that you’ve heard, it’s our house.  Our idea for the Mason Jar is to make a space for discovering, sharing, and playing in creativity with bi-monthly events for and about art (of many persuasions).

Our next event is slated for July 30 and it will be the Mason Jar Talent Show.  Because the intent is discovery, we are expecting variety in what people choose to do.  I intend to try olde fashioned storytelling.  Any artist is free to have a safe place to share whatever passion they desire, be it their life’s work or a buried aptitude that requires a certain condition.

The calendar of Mason Jar events for the remainder of 2010 are still being designed.  We’ve come up with a few good ones, and the talent show will undoubtedly throw new possibilities into the agenda.  The idea is to know our neighbors, share in creativity, and have a space to play.  We will soon complete a rough schedule and go into more detail.  Be sure, however, that there will only be 11 of them for the remainder of the year and each will be an episode of merrymaking as much as they are worthwhile in the processes of those engaged.

Please respond to us at or to sign up for the talent show, express ideas for future events, or say nice things.  And, if you have any pictures of last Saturday please share them with us.  In our scatterbrained nature we left the camera in the drawer.


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