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no room for hipsters

the occupation of Ashley and Levon

Jack's case of harps

(from Levon who is listening to Asa at Knoxville’s Remedy Coffee Shop)

We got back to Knoxville, bounced three times, and are finally back in Knoxville.  Moving back into the same house feels like an exhaustive spring reorganization.  We don’t have a lot, which it makes it easy.  I got the truckload from mom and dad’s.  Then we dumped out the carload that we’ve deposited about 37 times.  Our neighbors kept a chair.  Another, bikes.  Mostly I work in the yard because I want to feel the land.  My mind runs wide open with verbage to myself on subjects of roots, work, and community.

We’ve had good visits with every branch of our families very recently and feel tuned up nicely to be residing in our skins.

Jack Fretwell his in D.C. home

The next Good Packaging Subscription issue will be themed on “Home.”  On the way back, I’ve been visiting the best musicians I’ve known to share with me.  The issue will have another EP with a few recent songs reflecting on travels.  These, the “Hecho in Mexico EP” from the last issue, and some others will comprise a 17 track project I plan to have completed this fall.  If you want the EPs in the meantime, check out Good Packaging.  I’ll sign ya up.

Vagrant Moon at Grace Acres Farm


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