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no room for hipsters

the occupation of Ashley and Levon

(by Levon who is listening to Thelonious Monk “Monk’s Mood”)

the wall that is no more

A couple of years ago Ashley and I got to film a reality TV show at our house for the DIY channel.  Later it went to HGTV, and now we are being told has made it to the new Top 10 Renovation Realities Best Freakin’ Moments episode which takes a look at some of the most compelling moments of the show. From big mistakes and injuries to major fights and meltdowns we examine what really happens when renovations get ugly! I haven’t seen the new episode so I don’t know which part of ours made it, the mistakes, the injuries, the major fights or the ugly part.  Reality TV was in our experience not very real in terms of story lines, but intensely real in terms of having drama in one’s life.  So the effect is the same.

You can see the viewing schedule of the new show at

A young couple, Russ and Ashley Walker, wants to remodel their grocery store turned home to allow more openness and light in before being featured on a historic home tour in four days. The problem is that because of work obligations they can only work at night, tightening their already rushed schedule. Will they be able to open up their home on their own in time for the tour?

Doing a project on TV is just like doing it by yourself, only this guy is always behind you.  Even when you’re just looking for the hammer for the 147th time.  And you have to remember to tell him when you’re going to the bathroom; he is your shadow.  And tell the sound guy to mute the mic under your shirt or he gets headphones full of stream and he doesn’t like it.  Not to mention you have to keep repeating yourself, “Hi, I’m going to cut this board.  This is a board and I’m going to cut it.  Right here is the board I will be cutting.  …And this board is going to get cut…ah… right here.  Now I will cut this board and then I will cut that board.”

In the end we were very proud.  It only took five nights, if you believe what you see on TV.  For more info on the show and the airing schedule, check out


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