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no room for hipsters

the occupation of Ashley and Levon

We want Wired Ride Shop to be a hangout.  There had always been plans for a lounge but when we inherited salon hair dryers with the lease, we considered it our biggest break.  So what are noise canceling helmets?  Like headphones that suspend around the entire circumference of your head, impelling you into an inescapable realm of sonic elation.  This was the beginning:

before: gold chairs and purple walls

Now for the how-to.  We scrubbed the synthetic paisley back to the 70s and gave the metal arms a retro coat of spray paint.  Then took a large drill bit to the nape of the necks.

Figuring out how to wire this up took some ‘ciphering.   I explained the concept to patient associates at radio shack and best buy without success.  I went to car audio shops and electronic stores, pawn shops and thrift stores.  No one had a method for taking a DVD RCA output 30 feet around a room before splitting to three 1/8 headphone jacks and jamming ear buds into salon dryer holes.  It turns out we’re probably the first.  Now it’s proprietary information, but I’m going to share it anyway with you faithful readers of the blog.

What you see is a Behringer headphone amp.  When you steal the audio from the DVD player, it comes out at line level and you get no volume control.  The ear buds in the dryer helmets have to be very loud, so the amp is key.  A big screen TV is across the room playing snowboard and skate movies in total silence, meaning you have to be inside a helmet to hear.  Speaker placement is key, and experimentation is the only way to get it right.

You don’t need to put a bud in every air hole.  This is because the dryer was originally designed to be acoustically suitable for holding conversations over the sound of a vortex.  We opted to have two per helmet, threading them through our hole in the back with an ordinary wire.

Each headphone jack needs a stereo 1/4″ adapter before going into the amp, and the RCA cable will need a coupler into a 1/4″ stereo as well.  It’s an unsightly mess, and we hid it against the wall.  Remember each helmet has individual volume control and the box should be accessible.

There you have it and this has been a No Room for Hipsters “How-to.”  You will likely see these again, but remember where you found it first.

Wired. for the action sports lifestyle.

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