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no room for hipsters

the occupation of Ashley and Levon

Wired set up shop at Muddy Creek Raceway for the weekend and the AMA Area Qualifier event for the Southeast.  We were there to sell our wares and consider some riders to sponsor.  Ironically, we may have decided to sponsor Ashley.  Two things you may not know about Ashley: 1. she was partly raised in a camper going to races like these because her dad was a pro racer, and 2. a Google search of Ashley Addair will turn up as many high school track and cross country records from the state of Illinois as it will her art happenings of present day.  She is a born racer.

However, she has little experience racing dirt bikes.  Not that she hasn’t ridden one plenty, because it is required of any Addair child.  It was simply not the fashion to put the girls behind the starting gates.  But we’re going to coach her up a little bit and Team Wired is going to ride the #959 once again.

A good racer must be balanced in a lot of areas.  It takes stamina, and Ashley can run a marathon in good time.  It takes finesse, and she is an artist.  It takes a good crew, and she has Glen who knows bikes and racing, and me, who made Varsity Baseball twice and played statistician plus “opposite coach hand signal decipherer.”  Supportive roles.

A racer also knows when to be fearless and when to be scared sh@tless.  When they drop the gate, the only way to be out in front is to be more terrified than anyone else; I think she should have no problem there. She and I thought things over and feel like the first step would be to assemble all the gear we can from cousins and then get her a bike that needs a little tuning up.

Then we’ll need a large RV or some sort of van capable of carrying enormous amounts of gear.  Probably a trailer too.

I know what it looks like: I’m just trying to cleverly scheme her into letting me get what me and my future band will need to go on tour, but you’re not all the way right.  This is something good for both of us, and she gets dibs.  Always on that.

She was selling that little girl something, but it would be easy to imagine that they were asking for an autograph.

Other things Ashley would need if she were a racer: a DSLR camera for promos, a sponsorship of caffeinated beverages, and two more guys to help do other stuff.  Preferably two guys who play bass or drums, but that’s just ideally.  Wireless in-ear monitors to hear each other around the track would be a sound investment, too.

You can do it, babe.  You really can do it.

This is where I will be sleeping the next couple of nights.

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