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no room for hipsters

the occupation of Ashley and Levon

Wired is on Euclid St, just south of downtown, on the Virginia side of Bristol.  Our locale was formally a salon whose owner skipped out and left everything.  We called dibs on the hairdryers, because they are classic for fostering “third place.”

No renovation would be complete without before-and-after documentation.  I’m going to show you some things that will raise your curiosity, as our before situation is daringly near extreme (extreme being a laugh-out word for unhip skaters and purple, faux-painted salons alike).  But we’ve all learned from X Men (another case of extreme), that every hero or circumstance can only shine as bright as his/her nemesis or detriment exposes them peril.  Thus, I reveal before:

Now the purple is a memory in the folds of our venue’s paneled walls.  Like the Hawaiian bikini girls on posters in the attic from the travel agency here in the 70’s.  Ashley says the fun part begins now.  Because she starts noodling while I do the third coat.


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