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no room for hipsters

the occupation of Ashley and Levon

wired logo by Dustin Addair

I’ve mentioned briefly that we are shop designing in Bristol, TN.  We’d like to tell you more about it.  Ashley’s dad Glen Addair started out as a professional motorcross racer with Ashley and her brother, Dustin growing up traveling the race circuit in an excursion van and a trailer full of dirt bikes.  We go to AMA races with Glen now and can’t sit still a minute without people coming up to us; riders from the days before stadiums and Red Bull sponsorships, bikes with the engineering of the 80’s, and jumps that were plain scary, ten years before “extreme” would become a buzz word.  It was even before Nintendo’s Excite Bike.  I’m not calling Glen a veteran of the sport, but more of a pioneer.  Today he is still doing it, coming up with new ideas that make acting crazy both more efficient and in good style.

WingDot, Boxes, Sunburst by Dustin Addair

Thus, the WIRED ride shop.  Glen’s ideas, Dustin’s graphic design, and Ashley’s artistic direction for the shop space.  We also couldn’t do it without our step brother Zac, who is a skater and snowboarder and will run the shop day to day.  Glen and Zac have been traveling to the races and ski resorts for a while, showing the wares at the WIRED tent, in a van like a valiant self-backed rock band or dirt bike crew.

The website will be up this week, we have it laid out with the verbage sketched.  I wanted to run it by you first.

RadioWolf by Dustin Addair

welcome to WIRED (logo here)

WIRED is a Bristol,VA owned and operated action sports design company, formed by a family collaboration of designers and riders.  We offer innovative products, made for and by athletes who demand reliable performance and stylish appearance. Our manner of design is as unconventional as the riders we serve.  WIRED is not only about fashion, but proposing innovation and offering that to others.

The WIRED ride shop is where we commit to habitable space for the action sport community.  The WIRED ride shop is located in downtown Bristol, VA and offers knowledgeable crew and conditions with a focus on the imaginative and innovative.  Stop by to talk shop, check out WIRED, and be a part of the sphere.

latest products

by Dustin Addair

board candy- give an old board a fresh look, or make a polite board unruly.  Dulcen your board with a self applicable decal that’s easy to use and plenty sturdy to give any board a second breath.  Ride with the feel you’re accustomed to, have a look that’s new.

Institute thriftiness, be industrious.  Ride WIRED.

by Dustin Addair

skateboard decks- WIRED decks are available in STEEP, MEDIUM, and MELLOW conclaves.  Gettable in a continual array of WIRED designs.  Constructed of 7 plies of 100%  Canadian Maple with specified glue from Franklin.  Finally they’re cold pressed, curing for 7 days before finishing with heat transfer printing.

stencil-mock by Dustin Addair

goosit threads- we mean clothes, yes with shred designs on hats, hoodies, tees and accessories.  Very clean.

Generating style, evoking movement.  Urbanity is WIRED.

wired hub by Dustin Addair


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