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no room for hipsters

the occupation of Ashley and Levon

with American Analog at SXSW

Saturday we made lightspeed across the country.    It was unintentional in the beginning, but we managed to drive from the Mexican border of Texas to Kentucky in one shot.   We made an early start as to see the Alamo in San Antonio, have time to explore Austin and the SXSW festival, and be ready for sound check.  American Analog gave a powerful performance and I was proud to be home playing organ behind a great rock-n-roll band.  The band’s lead singer and principal songwriter is Jimmy DeTalente, the most appropriate born rockstar name to ever be granted.  Jimmy’s writing is undiluted perspective from a relentless raconteur.

After the show, I’m not sure what came over Ashley and I.  The weather was terrible so all of the outside free events would be miserable.  The band was heading home, and we thought maybe if we got out of the sleet storm we could camp again in Arkansas.  When we crossed into Arkansas at 2:00AM, it seemed a better idea to set our sights on Memphis.  But if you drive from Mexico to Tennessee in a day, you might as well drive to Kentucky.  So at about 10:00 AM we pulled into my grandmother’s driveway near Mayfield, KY.  It was a personal record for me in the iron butt, road warrior category.  I gave my old friend and climbing partner Scott Jones a call, who has crossed our great nation and 48 states with me some 10 times, for some encouragement in the home stretch of Western Tennessee.  His advice was to come see him in Chicago.

Back in Kentucky, my parent’s Chocolate Labrador had puppies.  There are nine brand new bundles of brown with glossy blue eyes that we have been waiting to see.  Puppies stop everything.  It doesn’t matter how adventurous you may feel, here is a life that has just realized that beyond the newspapers is rough concrete, and after that, wet grass.  The nine of them can spend an hour climbing the slope beside the house, like a marching army one moment and a middle school dance floor the next.

They have a boy and two girls yet to know where they are going, and they will be seven weeks old next Wednesday.  Contact us if interested.


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