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no room for hipsters

the occupation of Ashley and Levon

Modatelas is Ashley’s favorite store in Tuxtla Gutierrez.  It has two floors of all crafty things colorful and Mexican, and we are bringing it home by the backpackful.  Tonight we get on the bus again for Veracruz and we are very sad to be leaving.

To our friends at Interlink English School, and the American School, and at Danz Art, to Diana and Amilkar, the Aguilars, our roommate Katy, and our hosts Jessica and Edwin, thank you for sharing an unforgettable experience in Mexico.

We celebrated last night at La Cantina de los Remedios, surrounded by two dueling 14 piece Mariachi bands.  It felt like an orchestra, or the intro credits to a John Wayne movie.  But it wasn’t, it was Mexico; where the Mariachi nobly give pledge to the hits, the oldies, and the folk songs to people who know them by heart.  People stood in chorus, danced, rang bells, and even broke a table.

Ashley is at the American School now, picking up our collaboration with students there.  They made veggie animals, and we have gotten them developed into Chiapas post cards, both for our “Good Packaging Subscription” and to be sold by the school for relief to the earthquake in Chile.  Edwin and I have one more afternoon to spend as old men drinking coffee at Cafe Avenida.  My Papaw in KY calls this “loafing.”

Cafe Avenida a very simple place.  There is a burlap sack of coffee beans, a roaster, and an espresso machine.  Sweet bread costs another peso, or buy the beans to-go in brown lunch sacks.  Anytime you’re there, your life feels like a scene (cliche or truism, the same).  Streetside people watching, an americano freshly squeezed, and old men who know the way things have gone.  I tried to write a song about it, but it lends itself better as a catalyst. Inspiration and atmosphere in a coffee shop, I think, is a Mexican idea that could be really big.  Joking.  That’s why it can’t be a song… but it should be.

Our bus will take us overnight to Veracruz to meet our friends from Tennessee.  We have a loose agenda until we arrive at the South by Southwest Music and Film Festival in Austin, TX next weekend.

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