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no room for hipsters

the occupation of Ashley and Levon

(by Levon who is listening to Cruz Contreras and the Black Lillies)

We finally got our trip to the zoo.  We chaperoned a school field trip with Katie and the American School, and were each responsible for 10 fifth graders.  As our kids were running and screaming in Spanish, we learned a lot of new words.  This is called immersion, and it was well, like a zoo.  I just did the best I could and kept anybody that looked 10 years old close to me.  Parents of children not with the school corrected me, but I didn’t gain or lose anybody in the end.  They sang a funny song on the bus that is roughly translated to this:

“Bus driver, bus driver take us where we want.  If we don’t go where we want, your mother is your woman!”  Kids.

As I write, Ashley is finishing the last of 10 10″ paintings in her newest series.  Her piece for Jessica is finished and she has a couple more to go for teachers we have met here in Tuxtla.  Don Pepe was kind enough to give me a room of their house as a studio and I’ve recorded some takes of 4 new songs.  In the background are parrots, whistles, and people driving through the neighborhood broadcasting advertisements.  It feels very Mexico.

In Chiapas, acrylic on canvas Ashley Addair


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