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no room for hipsters

the occupation of Ashley and Levon

(by Levon who is listening to Siobhan Kennedy)

The longest leg of our travel so far has been in Virginia Beach.  We considered moving there actually, it was where we were married and where Ashley grew up.  It also where Ashley’s brother Dustin and his wife Cortney live, and it was they who gave us an extra room as we were getting back on our financial feet following New York City.  We travelled in those days with nearly everything we owned, and their porch became an art studio and their living room became a music studio.  Dustin gave us his graphic design office as our room and moved the dining room table into the living room.  The quaint, little beach house soon felt like the headquarters of some grassroots organization.  There were four siblings and four artists living elbow to elbow, sharing a bathroom, and learning to live in community.

In music composition, there is a directive given by the publisher: D.C. al fine, which stands for Da Capo el fine (pronounced fee-nay).  It tells the musician to go back to the beginning and repeat until the “fine.”  It literally means “from the head to the end.”  When Dustin and Cortney got married in January of 2009, they asked that I write them a song and play it.  Looking back over four years at the time of marriage to Ashley, what I wanted to say then and now is this: two people without many answers are going to be asked to make a lot of them up, and their everydays together will be tangible space that fits the hands which have made it.

I called the song “D.C. al fine” for a few reasons.  For one, the butterflies and eagerness are at the beginning.  It’s good to revisit the first movement for that.  Secondly, the new beginning is the one that will complete the song.  But most awesomely, D.and C. are Dustin and Cortney’s initials so I pretty much got to name the song “D.C. al fine” just like you may write “D C 4 Ever” in your grade school notebook.

Here’s a video that Ashley made in Mexico with a demo recording I had of the song.  It’s a thank you to Dustin and Cortney.

Ashley, Glen, Cortney, Dustin, Rebekah


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