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the occupation of Ashley and Levon

365 Day by Copper Art Designs in Virginia Beach

This is some of the amazing copper work you can find at Copper Art Designs in Virginia Beach, or by clicking the link on our blogroll (  We had the pleasure of meeting John and Douglas at the Neptune Festival last summer when we first stumbled on their work.  Douglas is also working on a series of videos chronicling artists in the Hampton Roads area, and Ashley and I have both been able to be a part.

You can see both videos at the links below:

“This episode takes a look at a painter I had the pleasure of meeting at the end of this past summer, Ashley Addair. The piece explores her wide use of color on canvas as well as inspiration and influences that have helped shape her inner artist.”                ~Douglas

“This episode introduces us to our first musical act of the series, Levon Walker. We get to hear Levon play and fill us in on where his music comes from. It is easy listening from this clever lyricist with a gentle approach to the world around him.”                     ~Douglas

You can visit Copper Art Designs to find out where they will be showing, directions to the studio, and visit their online shop to view some available pieces.


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