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no room for hipsters

the occupation of Ashley and Levon

Last night we arrived in Donna at about 7:00 and parked the car after about 1500 miles for the trip.  I have a second cousin, whom I’d never met in person, who is a silversmith and has been here about 16 years.  He’s been helpful in helping us coordinate this trip every step of the way.  Today we checked on his cases of jewelry and belt buckles at a flea market and a biker joint before heading over to Mexico to get our visas in Nuevo Progreso.  Phil is in Mexico so much that he stopped everywhere to say hi to artists, vendors, restaurant owners and musicians.  He learned his trade in Mexico and goes at least twice a week to buy silver and stones.  Without his help we would have been lost, and his advice and experience has eased the jitters.  He’s taking us to the bus stop and keeping our car while we are gone.  I’d love to say a lot more but we have to catch a bus in two hours and are sitting in the car, stealng wifi at a McDonalds.

We head to Veracruz on an overnight bus.  There is a layover there and we’ll be off to Tuxtla Gutierrez.  We are nervous and excited, being careful, and aware that we are about to have a real experience.

Phil Walker, Silversmith

by Phil Walker

Nuevo Progreso


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