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no room for hipsters

the occupation of Ashley and Levon

Gulpha Gorge Hot Springs Nat'l Park

(Levon who is listening to Evansville Indiana’s American Analog)

At 10:00AM we departed Madisonville, KY.  The music choice was the French Kicks.  Stopped in Memphis to walk down Beale St. and have a dose of some outdoor blues.  We were optimistic about the day’s warmth overriding the weather man’s call.  2/3 of the way across Arkansas and we hadn’t dipped south enough yet to make camping altogether exciting.

We enjoyed a sunset in the Ozarks, accompanied with listening choices Adele and the Clash as we wove into the National Park.  It got cold and we didn’t sleep well.  Realizing that we were both awake at one point, I said, “Make you a deal.  If my phone says it’s at least 3:00, let’s get back on the road.”

It was 11:24.  Long night.

We tore down a frozen tent at 7:00 with stiff backs and made it here to Texarkana.  Listening choice Michael Jackson and American Analog.

We’ll pull out in a minute on Texas HW 59 and go south.  We’re shooting for the other side of Houston, and any campsite in the desert.  Looking forward to some good stops on the way.


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