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no room for hipsters

the occupation of Ashley and Levon

(from Levon who is listening to Angel from Montgomery by John Prine)

Two days until we head off again, and we are nearly ready to go.  This time to a village in the jungle near Tuxtla Gutierrez, a city in the southernmost state of Mexico.  We’ve been trying to get this off the ground since reevaluating things a few months ago, and we are adrenalized.  The culture is 40% indigenous and the people there are known for their art, crafts, dance, and music.  It should be the right experience to follow in our firsthand socioeconomic education.

Tzotzil musicians by Donald Cordry

Tzotzil musicians by Donald Cordry

We are going for a few reasons.  In our current situation, with a lease on our house until June and a derailed New York City agenda, we have the opportunity.  As people in pursuit of authentic adventure, we have already committed and sacrificed, and what could be quixotic has reached a different tone.  We ask what can realistically be accomplished and manage our time and means to do it.

We’ll head out Sunday morning, then stop to do some walking in Memphis.  We’ll camp in Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas.  Then Monday to Texarcana where we’ll find Route 59, all the way down to Houston, Corpus Christi, and Victoria.  Finally we’ll ride route 77 to Brownsville and head over to Donna.  My cousin is retired there and makes silver jewelry.  We’ll catch our breath and get some good advice, for his business requires he travel all over Mexico.  Then get on the bus.

It will take two more days, first to Veracruz and finally to Tuxtla Gutierrez.  We’ll be staying with a friend who teaches English there.  Ashley is doing a painting for her, and I’ve got recording to do.  If I could get some Tzotzil musicians on the next record, I would trade a lot of peach picking or sheep keeping.  The rainforests there are full of flora, monkeys and Mayan ruins.  We’ll likely summit Mount Mactumatza.  I’ll try and make the fairest coffee trades of my life.

Frida Kahlo, from Let's visit to MoMA

If you’re reading in Madisonville, I hope you can come out to the show tonight.  7:30 at the Acoustic Coffee and Tea on Arch St. with special guest, dancer and egg shaker Ashley Addair.


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