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no room for hipsters

the occupation of Ashley and Levon

My brother and I went to visit our grandparents last week in Dukedom, TN and Salem, KY.  It was just like getting dropped off as kids, except my not so little brother drove, we left our Ashleys at home, and Ryan went to work everyday at his new appointed State Farm agency in Murray, KY.

Murray State Farm Agent Ryan Walker

down the lane on Grandad's farm in TN

Grandad's barn

I have to tell you one of my Grandad’s favorite stories of when Ryan and I were little.  He would dare us to touch the electric fence that keeps animals out of his barn.  A career electrician and welder,  I believe he had built an immunity to the phenomenon of subatomic charges particles.  I remember him holding the wire full fisted as it hissed and popped, just to light up our little eyes.  Then he would reach out and touch our shoulder and I swear I could jump high enough to grab the rafters.  Once Ryan grabbed a two foot screwdriver and tapped it, which sent him and his sword flying.  My grandfather encouraged this innovation.  People say he was an expert at such things, and I’m sure he knew how to safely get his grandsons going. To be fair, my grandmother was furious when we told her and he was only allowed to grab it himself after that.  We always asked.

Memaw and Papaw

Papaw's Core Drilling Rigs

Papaw's water truck

My Papaw came home from World War II and started hauling ice to farm homes for their ice boxes.  When people updated to refrigeration, he worked in core drilling until he could buy his own rigs.  He could tell you more, but core drilling is exploratory work to see what is underground before any sort of mining is done.  Papaw looked for spar and other minerals until I was a kid, and gradually slowed down to delivering drinking water to people’s cisterns around the county.  Only in the last year or so have most the water lines been completed to slow down his business.  In his mid 80’s, he still hauls about a load a day.

Mamaw hearts grandkids

Ashley, Levon, Ashley, Ryan


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