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11 days in, and New Years resolutions are no longer frequent subjects for small talk.  Our resolve is now left to the fervent determination of our minds because we are going into the turn.  Mine was easy this year, to stop using styrofoam.  Only once has it been painful, when I was caught by free coffee without my travel mug in a car dealership lobby, getting an oil change.  Secret confession: I searched the kitchen cabinets for a dealer’s mug to wash and steal a swig.  Last year I gave up coffee.

This year’s focus has been more on goals.  One of them being to manage time.  And since a goal should be SMART, or Specific Measurable Attainable Relevant and Timely, it is not to be confused with a resolution, which is a firm decision to do or not do something.  Time management is tricky to treat.  It could be resolved in five seconds; “This year I will stop wasting time.”  Or one could spend a few days with a notebook making a plan for better use of time.

The Alamar Resort

It seems like there is only so much control over time.  Today I had planned to write this blog, for example.  I came back from getting coffee and found Ashley on the computer.  I tried to efficiently rearrange my activities while politely dropping hints, all the while thinking how funny, I was just in mid sentence about time management and now I get to practice.

When I became self employed, and realized that my employer is a musician living out of his car with about 15 prior career changes, I knew that I would need to structure myself.  After all, he has a NY drivers license, a VA car tag, a TN phone number and a KY permanent address: he can be a little scattered.  (if you watch the Office, remember Pam at the Michael Scott Paper Company).  Ashley and I find ourselves with more time to spend freely these days. However, with no bureaucratic momentum or structure to help sustain us we will find out very quickly whether or not our plans scratched out on notebooks will be sufficient.  Here we are holding and testing conventional wisdom such as “with freedom comes great responsibility.”

I’d rather talk about styrofoam now.  An amazing invention with a product life of five minutes to be remembered eternally, or 500 years by conservative estimates.  It makes me hope that maybe just a little improvement in time management may be more impacting than I realize.


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