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no room for hipsters

the occupation of Ashley and Levon

a jewel along Virginia HW 29

45 miles south of Washington D.C. along HW 29, and then up the ridge a little ways into historic Brightwood is one of the oldest existing colonial-era general stores.  Known mainly to locals, every Friday and Saturday night the place becomes a haven for musicians.   Anyone can sing, and everyone is ready to be in the band.  You can get an iron skillet, a sack of flour, or a jar of preserves but be ready to stay for a ‘Stones B side or an extended Little Feat cover.

iron ware, decorative plates, and hot sauce

About 20 minutes from Grace Acres Farm, it instantly became our locale of choice.  If you’re in the city and need a distinctly raw southern experience, noisier than lattes and wifi, change your guitar strings and head down.  Don’t expect a fancy web page.


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