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no room for hipsters

the occupation of Ashley and Levon

(from Levon)

CD design by Dustin Addair

The oceanfront in Virginia can have the most blustery 70 degree sunny afternoon I know of.  In the warm glare of the sun I am still dressed for winter and my native inlander body is confused as to how to regulate.  It is 15 blocks north along the beach to the post office and in this surreal moment of thermomic confusion I am summing up many months and years of my pinball mind’s efforts to concise itself in song, put that song in a shareable medium, and have the means to get it distributed.

With the artwork and graphics approved for print, the BMI licensing and US copyright registration in the works, and the best possible mix and mastering I can do enclosed in the Sony CD-Rs in my hand, I now have to let go.  I am mailing off the master copies.  The days I spent writing songs and nimbly weaving melodies to metaphors seems like it wasn’t me.  I am the task finisher, he was the inspired abandoner.  This is the parallel of personalities I have always managed.

Add to the surreality that my next task will be to pack our car and move again.  Both of my side jobs are finished.  I buy an extra book of stamps and walk out the door asking myself a very good question: what now?  15 windy blocks for sure, on this deceivingly sunny day by a beach I can have all to myself.

Nearer to my brother and sister in law’s house, I passed an upside-down hub cap by the sidewalk.  I must digress for a moment to tell you that when we got back to the farm in Virginia from NYC and got our car back, we had to get new tires to pass inspection for VA tags and title in order to get it insured again after it had sat there.  Fun day.  The next day we drove to the beach, arriving with only three hubcaps.  I meant to demand my justice from a tire company which will remain nameless, but I let it go too long to have a case.

Back to my original story.  What are the chances that on the exact day I am leaving I will turn this hub cap over to find an identical Toyota manufactured 17″ plastic hub cap in the grass by a random sidewalk?

*  *  *   *

Yes, it was a match.

What does that tell you?  Probably nothing.  But in my surreal state of mind at the moment it was like coming full circle.  I almost skipped home.  Does anybody else look way too far into these small life occurrences?  Ashley thinks that this coincidence is pointless other than it’s cool to have four hubcaps again.  I hold on that there is more.

This happened a few days ago.  We are for now living with artists we met in Virginia Beach because Ashley still has a job until next Wednesday.  Then we begin holiday travels stopping across three states to Western KY where we will bunker up until embarking for Mexico in late January.

I think my CDs will arrive on either Dec 23rd or 24th.  Just in time for Christmas, if you live in Madisonville, KY.  I will be happy to mail them quickly, or they will available for download at itunes and the like.

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